Who Is This Program For?

Digital Housing Practice labs is a 12-week Accelerator program (3 months) for entrepreneurs, SMBs, and their staff, who want to get smarter with their digital marketing and implement foolproof plans for their business for better sales service to their customers. By following this program, you will take concrete actions to build a sales engine for your web and social media actions. This program is for people who want to generate tangible results by taking action.

Digital Housing Practice labs is for entrepreneurs and small, medium-sized businesses that want to grow their sales and profits via digital marketing. Most of entrepreneurs and small business owners would have a web and social media presence but have not considered a digital marketing strategy. Since most business owners are time-starved business owners, we created this program to give clear directions, support, and take the right actions learning from subject matter experts (SMEs). You could be changing careers or ready to become digitally savvy with the marketing of your business, let Digital Housing Practice Labs give you the necessary tools to build a reliable marketing funnel today.

Program Objectives

To accelerate your business success, the Digital Practice Lab program is designed to:

  • Build a digital marketing specific plan.
  • Convert your website and social media marketing to a sales conversion system.
  • Identify new opportunities you may not be aware of.
  • Integrate both offline and online marketing and social media actions.
  • Take action on them by using smart apps and tools to save your time.

By following this program, you will be guided and kept on track to take concrete actions to build a digital marketing funnel with four essential modules.

Digital Housing, in the past, has been a one day conference focused on brand development and marketing. It is designed to showcase best practices, particularly in digital marketing globally. Digital Housing features expert speakers and industry professionals that provide case studies and real-world examples of effective marketing and brand development techniques.
DH2023 will be a three day event that focuses on Design Thinking, Disruption Future, Storytelling and Coding.

Why Digital Housing?

There is no better time to begin transformation through digital marketing than the present. Keeping pace with today’s savvy consumer requires a command of the latest online marketing tools and the harnessing the skills to deploy them in your marketing strategy. Let us face it consumers are demanding more of brands, and it is the brands that engage and meet these needs that will thrive. These new demands provide brands with the opportunity to emotionally engage their audience by sharing the causes they believe in, to showcase the purpose that drives their business beyond profit. This presents the opportunity for startups and emerging businesses to communicate and build community with their customers in the digital space.

Digital Housing Starts Soon!


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