Who Is This Program For?

Digital Housing Practice Labs is a 12-week Accelerator Program (3 months) for Entrepreneurs, SMBs and their staff. Most Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners have a web and social media presence but have not considered a digital marketing strategy. The goal of Practice Labs is to help business owners bridge the gap between creativity and real-world results. Business owners will become smarter with their digital marketing, implement foolproof plans to increase sales and enhance customer service, and create a lasting web and social media presence that attracts new customers. By following this program, you will take concrete action steps to create tangible results.

Through Practice Labs you will learn from Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) that will provide clear direction, support, and real-world scenarios to enhance your learning. Whether you are changing careers or ready to become digitally savvy with the marketing of your business, let Digital Housing Practice Labs give you the necessary tools to build a reliable marketing funnel today.

Program Objectives

To accelerate your business success, the Digital Practice Lab program is designed to:

  • Build a digital marketing specific plan.
  • Convert your website and social media marketing to a sales conversion system.
  • Identify new opportunities you may not be aware of.
  • Integrate both offline and online marketing and social media actions.
  • Take action on them by using smart apps and tools to save your time.

By following this program, you will be guided and kept on track to take concrete actions to build a digital marketing funnel with four essential modules.

Digital Housing, in the past, has been a one day conference focused on brand development and marketing. It is designed to showcase best practices, particularly in digital marketing globally. Digital Housing features expert speakers and industry professionals that provide case studies and real-world examples of effective marketing and brand development techniques.
DH2023 will be a three day event that focuses on Design Thinking, Disruption Future, Storytelling and Coding.

Why Digital Housing?

There is no better time to begin transformation through digital marketing than the present. Keeping pace with today’s savvy consumer requires a command of the latest online marketing tools and the harnessing the skills to deploy them in your marketing strategy. Let us face it consumers are demanding more of brands, and it is the brands that engage and meet these needs that will thrive. These new demands provide brands with the opportunity to emotionally engage their audience by sharing the causes they believe in, to showcase the purpose that drives their business beyond profit. This presents the opportunity for startups and emerging businesses to communicate and build community with their customers in the digital space.

Digital Housing Starts Soon!


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Sancia Thompson
Sancia Thompson
Strategic Selling
Sancia is a dynamic and accomplished financial professional with a remarkable career in the investment industry. Her expertise in sales leadership, institutional selling and business development combined with her extensive knowledge of finance has made her a prominent figure in the industry.
Bianca Welds
Bianca Welds
Innovation Strategist
Bianca Welds is a technology professional with a passion for innovation and entrepreneurial thinking and the heart of a creative. She brings a background working with entrepreneurs and startups into her current role as Digital Innovation Manager for the VM Group.
Godiva Golding
Godiva Golding
Godiva Golding is the mind and spirit behind the STEAMHouse Network, an award-winning social enterprise which focuses on STEAM education for youth throughout the Caribbean.
Ewan Campbell
Ewan Campbell
Ewan Campbell is a professional creative with over a decade of experience in Marketing, Advertising, Business Development, Event Planning & Production, creating new business opportunities & campaign ideas for a myriad of large, medium, as well small businesses.


What You Need To Know!

  • Be prepared to meet once per week (90 minutes) for three months to gain the most from your learning experience.
  • Each module is a staged approach that will lead to next.
  • Time commitment: 3-4 hours a week of live interaction with the SME and/ or self-directed reading and review.
  • The modules’ content will be delivered to you using a hybrid model of face to face and on-line instruction through Google Classroom. Training will be recorded for your review.
  • For one-on-one support meetings per module, we use Google Classroom, a video conferencing application with a private meeting room URL.
  • The follow-up communications are via email, and meetings via Google Classroom are recorded.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Trends & Skillset: Identify the latest digital marketing trends and skillsets needed for today's marketer.
  • Implement A Plan: Build a structure to implement a plan, set processes and manage your digital marketing actions.
  • Maximize Marketing Efforts: Learn how to effectively use different inbound and social media channels to maximize your marketing efforts.
  • Explore Analytics: Explore the vital role of analytics in your online marketing efforts and to get an edge over your competitors.
  • Sticking To Plan: Learn about the challenges faced by marketers and how to overcome them by sticking to a great marketing plan.
  • Assets & Goals: Evaluate the importance of your digital marketing assets and prioritize according to your business goals.